About Us
Who We Are

Curly Community Garden Inc is a not-for-profit association that aspires to bring together members of the community to build friendships and grow food organically and sustainably.

The garden comprises the northern half of the old bowling green. The southern half is the Northern Beaches Council Community Nursery, where Australian native plants are propagated.

Curly Community Garden is run entirely by volunteers, with countless hours spent not only maintaining the garden, but doing a lot of planning and admin work. The major reward we get from the garden is the social connections we make and the great feedback we get from garden visitors. We'd love to hear what you think of the garden!

Our Vision

Curly Community Garden is not just about growing organic food using sustainable methods.

The vision for the garden is to create an area that is:

  • Community Focused - where people of all ages, abilities, cultures, races, religions, sexualities and genders are welcome
  • Environmentally Sustainable - with all produce grown organically and recycled materials used where possible
  • Educational - promoting learning, individual growth and the development and sharing of new skills
  • A Friendly, Peaceful, Natural Environment that promotes social interaction, mild physical activity and healthy living
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