Curly Community Garden

Fact Sheets 

The Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network has a wealth of information on their web site.

This includes the following Fact Sheets that you can download here:

Crop Rotation:

* Why rotate vegetables?
* A process over time...
* The easy four bed crop rotation system...

Organic Gardening:

* A practice based on knowledge
* Healthy soil, healthy plants...
* Saving seeds...
* The principles of organic gardening are sensible and easy to adopt...


* A practice based on ethics
* Practicing Permaculture is about innovative thinking...
* A design system for a positive future...

Creative Composting:

* The benefits of making compost
* The many uses of compost
* How to use compost
* Composting with ADAM...
* Making compost...
* Problems...
* Stay well, stay healthy...

No-Dig Gardening:

* Productive food gardens
* Re-using materials
* The benefits of mulch
* Materials you need to start
* How to make a no-dig garden

Managing Garden Pests:

* IPM - integrated pest management
* The intelligent approach to pest control
* Misuse a health hazard...
* IPM - The Toolkit

Thinking about safety:

* The lack of serious accidents
* Thoughtfulness and common sense are needed
* Avoid sunburn and dehydration
* Caring for children
* Lifting
* Storage
* Care with creatures
* Care with organic chemicals
* Construction
* Other precautions

The Sustainable Home:

* Making your home sustainable
* An easy place to start
* Food
* Energy
* Water
* Waste